Nightvision imaging

A collection of all Pard nightvision products.


Nightvision clip-on

The latest version of the PARD NV-007S night vision overlay is a great quality equipment, with an extremely small size. Thanks to it, the device is extremely practical and compact. Two versions are available – with 850NM or 940NM iluminator.


Nightvision clip-on

Two-in-one device – can be used as an observation night vision device and as a night vision cap. The cap is equipped with an 850nm porthole. It has a long night vision range of about 400m. Two versions to choose from – 16 and 12 mm lens. 


Nightvision monocular

The PARD NV019 digital night vision device is a move to the next level in night observation. In addition to its aesthetic and modern look, it also has remarkable parameters. This product has the best price-quality ratio on the market.

NV-008P / NV-008P LRF

Nightvision scope

The night vision device has a 6.5x optical magnification and a 2x digital zoom. The range of night vision observation in complete darkness is over 200 meters, depending on weather conditions.

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