Pard SA-19 / SA-19 LRF

10 499 PLN / 11 499 PLN (LRF)

A high-class detector of 384×288 pixels with a size of 17μm has been implemented in the thermal imager. It is also equipped with an automatic image enhancement function. In addition, it has a high refresh rate of 50 Hz.


The excellent thermal sensor 384 x 288 pixels with a size of 17 μm is responsible for the high quality of the image. The used SONY OLED matrix allows you to display the image in a high resolution of 1024×768.

The high refresh rate of 50 Hz means that the image is displayed smoothly during observation without the slightest stutter. The manufacturer of PARD also took care of the wide availability of color palettes and the function of removing damaged pixels. The user can choose from 5 color palettes and 5 types of the reticle. Turning it off, we can use the device as an observation thermal imager.

Small dimensions and light weight additionally favor the use of the equipment. Due to its small dimensions, the PARD thermal imager will fit almost anywhere, being an inseparable companion of our night observations. Installed Polish software significantly helps in moving between the individual menu items. In addition, the memory settings function saves the owner of this Imager the time needed to set up the device each time.

As mentioned above, PARD sights are the most effective possibility of long-distance observations. This viewfinder is equipped with a 19mm lens that allows you to detect a person up to 750 meters, and a larger object up to 1200 meters. This is also helped by the digital zoom at x4 and optical x1.5


Model SA-19 / SA-19 LRF
Lens 19 mm
Screen 1024x768px
Distance from the eye 45 mm
Diopter adjustment +-5
Optical zoom 1,5x
Digital zoom 4x
Maximum magnification 6x
Sensor 384 x 288 px
Pixel size 17 μm
Dimensions 147x51x65,5 mm



Battery Pard

Charger Pard

Rings for 007A- 40.3, 42, 45, 46.5, 48mm

Universal ring for 007A and 007S

48mm and 45mm ring for 007S

45 mm reduction rings for NV007S

Lens cap PARD NV007

Lens cap PARD NV008

Adapter NV007A/S Swarovski Z6i/Z8i, Zeiss Conquest, Leica

Stock cover

Iluminator 850L

Iluminator 940L

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