Pard NV-008P

3599 PLN / 5099 PLN (LRF)

The PARD NV-008P night vision sight is undoubtedly another great quality product from Pard. It is a device with very compact dimensions (162mm x 51mm x 65.5mm) and a low weight of 450 grams. Its great parameters during night observation are an irresistible advantage. The sight can reach over 200 meters in complete darkness.


The PARD NV-008P monocular has the ability to set the reticle in the form of a cross. We can adjust the color of the cross, as well as its style. The assembly is made directly on the weapon.

The viewfinder NV-008 is equipped with a 6.5x optical magnification and a 2x digital zoom. A high-power 850 nm infrared illuminator has also been built in. The advantage of the illuminator is the 3-stage level of light intensity adjustment. In addition, we can focus and disperse the illuminator light beam depending on the needs and conditions that will meet us in the field. The resolution of the viewfinder OLED screen is 1024×768.

This sight can also be used for standard field observations. Thanks to the fact that it is a night vision device in digital technology, we can use it both during the day and at night. It has been equipped with a high-quality matrix that is resistant to daylight.

The device has the function of recording movies and taking photos. Daytime recordings and photos can be captured in color. We can register everything on a memory card, the maximum capacity of which can be 32GB.

An additional innovation is the built-in WIFI module, which allows you to connect via the application with a smartphone.

The device is very easy to calibrate and adjust all settings, because it has a menu in Polish, as well as a detailed manual in Polish.


Model NV-008P
Crosshair 5 styles and 2 colors
Screen OLED 1024x768px
Photo resolution 2592x1944px
Video resolution 1920x1080px
Optical zoom 6,5x
Digital zoom 2x
Maximum magnification 13x
The power of the iluminator 5W
Tightness class IPX7
Dimensions 175x51x65,7 mm



Battery Pard

Charger Pard

Rings for 007A- 40.3, 42, 45, 46.5, 48mm

Universal ring for 007A and 007S

48mm and 45mm ring for 007S

45 mm reduction rings for NV007S

Lens cap PARD NV007

Lens cap PARD NV008

Adapter NV007A/S Swarovski Z6i/Z8i, Zeiss Conquest, Leica

Stock cover

Iluminator 850L

Iluminator 940L

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