Pard NV-007S

2999 PLN

Pard Distributors The latest version of the PARD NV-007S night vision overlay is a great quality equipment, with an extremely small size. Thanks to it, the device is extremely practical and compact.


The latest version of the PARD NV-007S night vision overlay is a great quality equipment with an extremely small size. The manufacturer has already accustomed users to the extraordinary precision and reliability of the equipment. It did not disappoint and this time! The device has become even more compact and practical.

Due to the modern technological solution of the lens, the cap can be installed on any spotting scope, regardless of its magnification. The NV-007S night vision device is currently able to cope with telescopes with a fixed magnification of 8x, 9x and even 12x.

This product can have many uses. It is an overlay for a telescope, but also an observation night vision device. By mounting it on the scope’s eyepiece, we get the possibility of night observation of the target with limited access to light. The installed super photosensitive matrix gives us the possibility of comfortable observation in complete darkness. While maintaining complete discretion.

Versions available

Infrared illuminator with a beam of 940 nm – range 150 m

Infrared illuminator with a beam of 850 nm – range 450 m


Model NV-007S 2021
Lens 14,5 mm
Screen 1024x768px
Photo resolution 2592x1944px
Video resolution 1920x1080px
Optical zoom 1,5x
Digital zoom 3,5x
Maximum magnification 5,5x
The power of the iluminator 5W
Tightness class IP67
Dimensions 84x70x94 mm



Battery Pard

Charger Pard

Rings for 007A- 40.3, 42, 45, 46.5, 48mm

Universal ring for 007A and 007S

48mm and 45mm ring for 007S

45 mm reduction rings for NV007S

Lens cap PARD NV007

Lens cap PARD NV008

Adapter NV007A/S Swarovski Z6i/Z8i, Zeiss Conquest, Leica

Stock cover

Iluminator 850L

Iluminator 940L

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