Pard NV-007A

1999 PLN

Two-in-one device – can be used as an observation night vision device and as a night vision cap. The cap is equipped with an 850nm porthole. It has a long night vision range of about 400m.


This is an innovative and breakthrough equipment in hunting optics. This cap quickly won the sympathy among people who love watching the game!

The actual range of the device when used as a night vision cap is about 200 meters! This was field tested and measured with a laser rangefinder that has an accuracy of +/- 3m. These tests were performed on spotting scopes of every price range. When using the device as an observation monocular, we obtain a range of over 400 meters using a built-in 850nm beam illuminator.

The product, thanks to a very clear menu in Polish, should not be a problem to use, even for a novice user. In addition, it has easy-to-locate, separate buttons. Thanks to that we can locate them at night without any worries!

With the new software, we get the function to remember the settings, which will load our configuration the next time we start it. We will avoid trying to position the cap perfectly again.

The set includes a ring with a diameter of 45 mm.

However, it is possible to replace it with a ring with a diameter of 40.3 mm; 42 mm; 46.5 mm; 48 mm.


Model NV-007A
Lens 16/12 mm
Screen 1024x768px
Photo resolution 2592x1944px
Video resolution 1920x1080px
Optical zoom 2x/1x
Digital zoom 3,5x
Maximum magnification 7x/3,5x
The power of the iluminator 5W
Tightness class IPX4
Dimensions 106x97x47 mm



Battery Pard

Charger Pard

Rings for 007A- 40.3, 42, 45, 46.5, 48mm

Universal ring for 007A and 007S

48mm and 45mm ring for 007S

45 mm reduction rings for NV007S

Lens cap PARD NV007

Lens cap PARD NV008

Adapter NV007A/S Swarovski Z6i/Z8i, Zeiss Conquest, Leica

Stock cover

Iluminator 850L

Iluminator 940L

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