Thermal and night vision

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Official importer of Pard night vision and thermal imaging devices.

NEW 2021

Pard NV-007S

The latest night vision cap available with 850NM and 940NM iluminators. It uses innovative solutions to maximize the versatility of use.

Our services

We ensure the import of Pard products to central Europe and we provide retail, wholesale and service in Poland.

Service in Poland

Our service is located in Poland, so all repairs are solved very quickly. We have a team of trained technicians who, if necessary, are able to efficiently help and answer any questions.


As an importer, we supply almost all of Central Europe with Pard brand devices. Thanks to constant deliveries, we are able to stay ahead of the market demand.


Retail sales

We sell retail for individual clients. Such activities not only build the brand, but keep us up to date with the opinions of Pard devices users. We meet their needs, constantly improving and strengthening the brand on the market.

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